NLX is excited to announce the release of Luxury Of Failure available word wide thru iTunes beginning  November 13th, 2015. 


Track Listing:

1. "Lullaby"
2. "Put It To Bed"
3. "Burn"
4. "Silence"
5. "Haymaker"
6. "Flatlight"
7. "Little Victories"
8. "Save My Life"
9. "Over Now"
10. "Home Safe Soon"


I would like to say that this video had a big budget, a two week location shoot,
a crew of 18 and craft services.  It did not. 
This is a result of over 1200 post it notes, 13 latte's, 16 sharpies and my iPhone 5.  
From the beginning I always wanted to try and do my own thing, my own way.  I think this is the perfect reflection of what I believe we can all do with a little bit of patience and imagination.  Enjoy! 


*Burn is the first single off of Luxury Of Failure. 






Having journeyed through 3 studios, and 1 hurricane Sandy, this album is well travelled and tough... A lot like NLX. Raised in the icy shadows of Canada’s steel city smoke stacks, she hails from the proud tradition of BS-free northern songwriting women. Though her roots may be in Canada, the branches reach out towards New York City, where she wrote and recorded most of this record.
“Living in New York forces you the opportunity to never shut your eyes or senses... New York has inspired so many sonic moments on this record and in my life as a singer/songwriter.  It has humbled me, but at the same time forced me to continue to stay fearless and completely open as songwriter.”  
Luxury of Failure is 10 tracks of heart wrenching lyrical and musical smack... 
It is "fist’s in the air, tears on the floor, don’t look back but close the door" kind of music.

On the making of Luxury Of Failure...

NLX departed from the mostly digital landscape of her sophomore album Bitch Get Fit, and dove deep into the world of analogue two inch tape to lay the foundation for what would become Luxury Of Failure.  Production began in an old church in Hudson, NY with nothing but a focus on microphones, drums, strings and a piano.  “Early on, this record took a different path sonically than how I was used to making records.  Living in a digital world, and loving all the offerings and freedoms that digital music allows me, I found it almost necessary to walk away from my comfort zone and get to know the beauty and unforgiving discipline of recording to tape.  The result was a record that took root in something really raw and tactile.” 




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